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"TRUE in LONDON" is a captivating story that takes place in the vibrant city of London. The novel explores themes of love, passion, and deception, as it follows the lives of various characters who are intertwined in a complex web of relationships. The narrative primarily revolves around Sarah, a young and ambitious woman who moves to London to pursue her dreams. She quickly finds herself immersed in the dazzling world of high society, where she meets Richard, a successful businessman with a questionable past. As Sarah and Richard's relationship blossoms, they both become entangled in a sophisticated and dangerous game of manipulation. Their love for each other becomes tested as secrets are unveiled and hidden agendas are revealed. Meanwhile, other characters also play a significant role in the story. We meet Ethan, Richard's close friend who is torn between loyalty and his own desires, and Emma, Sarah's best friend who tries to navigate her own troubled marriage. Throughout the novel, the author masterfully combines elements of romance, mystery, and suspense to keep readers on the edge of their seats. The rich descriptions of London’s iconic landmarks and the enticing portrayal of its bustling atmosphere add depth to the storyline. As the truth gradually unfolds, the characters must confront their pasts, grapple with their present, and make difficult choices that will shape their futures. Will love conquer all, or will the deceptive nature of London prove too much to overcome? "TRUE in LONDON" is a captivating novel that dives into the complexities of human relationships and the consequences of hidden truths. It explores the depths of love, trust, and betrayal, making it an engrossing read for fans of romantic suspense.

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Today marks the highly anticipated release of Love & Whiskey: The Remarkable True Story of Jack Daniel , His Master Distiller Nearest Green, and the Improbable Rise of Uncle Nearest written by Fawn Weaver, founder and CEO of Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey . After a few months of overwhelming pre-order success with Love & Whiskey earning Amazon's top Mover & Shaker spot in addition to holding the No. 1 spot in seven of its eight categories throughout the first pre-order week, the book will now be on shelves across the US, including in retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Target, Hudson, and hundreds of independent bookstores throughout the country. The book's launch follows Weaver's historic achievement of signing over 25,000 preordered copies in just 24 hours, a new record recognized by Guinness World Records.

Jun 18, 2024: Leigh-Ann Russell to Join BNY as Chief Information Officer
The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation ("BNY") (NYSE: BK), the global financial services company, today announced the appointment of Leigh-Ann Russell as Chief Information Officer and Global Head of Engineering. 

Jun 18, 2024: Memoir Shares Story of Free-Spirited Couple Married 47 Years and How Parkinson's Disease Has Affected the Past 18

Jun 18, 2024: "Everything I Know About Love I Learned in a Prisoner of War Camp"
"I never imagined that the skills we needed to survive years of torture and abuse would be the same skills you need to create a successful long-term marriage," says Lee Ellis , a former fighter pilot, retired Air Force Colonel, and five-year POW (Prisoner of War).  In " Captured by Love: Inspiring True Romance Stories from Vietnam POWs " he has compiled a unique collection of 20 war stories entwined with love stories that are emotional, inspiring and instructive.

Jun 18, 2024: Maxwell Healthcare Associates and Levo Announce Strategic Partnership to Address Healthcare Staff Turnover and Enhance Employee Engagement
Maxwell Healthcare Associates (MHA), a leading post-acute consulting firm, and Levo , innovators in employee engagement technology, announce a strategic partnership aimed at addressing critical challenges in healthcare staffing and employee engagement. This collaboration leverages the strengths of both organizations to offer healthcare providers a comprehensive solution that promises to transform workforce management and improve care delivery.

Jun 18, 2024: Promising long and short-term clinical data show potential of first ASD occluder with a bioresorbable, metal-free frame
atHeart Medical , a medical device company establishing a new standard of care for atrial septal defects (ASDs) closure, today announced promising long and short-term clinical outcomes of its reSept ASD occluder, to be presented at the medical conference CSI Frankfurt . The data from three patient cohorts show positive efficacy and safety profile that contribute to a growing body of evidence about the innovative device's potential. reSept is the first ASD occluder with a bioresorbable, metal-free frame, designed to enable future transseptal treatment: a true evolution for patients that need transcatheter septal closure.

Jun 17, 2024: Add a Patriotic 'Pop' to Fourth of July Parties
(Family Features) Break out the red, white and blue and (safely) set off your favorite fireworks – it's time to honor America's birthday. Along with all the booms and blasts, make sure your crowd is satisfied with one of the country's most beloved snack foods and a true firecracker in the kitchen: popcorn.

Jun 17, 2024: Swirls of Frederick, a Locally Owned Ice Cream Shop, Announces Grand Opening

Jun 17, 2024: DigiLens Transforms Enterprise and Industrial Work in Collaboration with Google Cloud
DigiLens Inc., a leading nanotechnology innovator in waveguide display technologies and XR smartglasses, announces ARGO™, one of the first all-in-one true AR smartglasses, is powered by Google's Gemini models. Leveraging Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and built on the advanced Qualcomm Snapdragon™ XR2 Platform, ARGO™ integrated with Google's Gemini models is set to redefine the future of work by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge AR and AI technology into daily operations for enterprise and lite-industrial workers.

Jun 14, 2024: Peterson Acquisitions: The Elite Nationwide Business Brokerage with a 90% Success Rate
 Peterson Acquisitions has once again risen above the competition, showcasing their unparalleled expertise and dedication as the premier nationwide business brokerage. With offices coast to coast, including a recent success in South Dakota where business partner Jamie Jacobsma completed the sale of a 4 million dollar HVAC business, Peterson Acquisitions is a true industry disruptor.

Jun 14, 2024: Here Media Sets June 14th Exclusive Season 2 Premiere of Lamont Pierre's Award-Winning Original Series 'A Beautiful Cruel Thing'

Jun 14, 2024: Woolpert Hires Geospatial Intelligence Leader Damien Kerr to Support Federal Agencies, Advance National Security

Jun 14, 2024: Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty (ESG) Demonstrates Value: A Real-World Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
In a groundbreaking study, bariatric endoscopist Dr. Lauren Donnangelo MD, D-ABOM and her colleagues at True You Weight Loss have conducted a comprehensive cost-effectiveness analysis comparing the demonstrable benefits of endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG) to lifestyle modification for adults struggling with class III obesity.

Jun 14, 2024: Elijah's Xtreme Celebrates 10 Fiery Years with Limited-Edition Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce
Elijah's Xtreme Gourmet Sauces, Inc. , the trailblazing father-son team that has captivated spicy food lovers worldwide, is thrilled to commemorate their 10th Anniversary with the release of their limited-edition ghost pepper hot sauce. This special edition, a tribute to the sauce that launched Elijah's Xtreme, features a special label that true hot sauce fans will come to appreciate and make it a collector's item in celebration of a decade of fiery flavors. Starting the weekend of June 15th, 2024 , this exclusive item is available solely through Elijah's Xtreme website . There is a limited amount so when they're all sold out, they will be gone.

Jun 13, 2024: Maverick Distilling Introduces Samuel Maverick Private Reserve Bottled in Bond Bourbon